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Luxury Rose Quartz Kegel Eggs

Luxury Rose Quartz Kegel Eggs

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Rose Quartz is popularly used for kegel exercises due to its high energy & calming vibe. Luxury Rose Quartz Kegel Eggs are a soft pink color to represent femininity, love and sensuality. This is the stone of love & happy relationships. Luxury Rose Quartz Kegel Eggs provides an added benefit to traditional kegel exercises by adding weight to help strengthen your muscles.


Kegel exercises are known to:

✔Tightens & tones the vagina*

✔Perfect for restoring strength & tightening the vagina after childbirth*

✔Clitoral erection during arousal*

✔Promotes Energy *

✔Support the bladder and uterus (prevents accidental pee from spilling when you sneeze or cough)*

✔Strengthens the pelvic walls*

✔Increase female orgasms

✔Manifest Love (Rose Quartz represents love)*


What's in the box?

1 Large egg - size 1.68 inches

1 Medium egg - size 1.5 inches

1 Small egg - size 1.2 inches

FREE Egg strings

FREE Luxurious storage bag

Detailed instructions


What Are Kegel Exercises?


Kegel exercises are clench-and-release exercises that you can do to make the muscles of your pelvic floor tighter & stronger


Why do Kegel Exercises?


Many factors can weaken the pelvic floor in women, such as pregnancy, childbirth, aging, and weight gain. The pelvic floor muscles support the womb, the bladder, and the bowels. If the muscles are weak, these pelvic organs may lower into a woman's vagina. Besides being extremely uncomfortable, this can also cause urinary incontinence.


Why use Yoni Eggs for kegel exercises?


Yoni (Kegel) Eggs are not only for women suffering from vaginal looseness. The vast majority of women with a vagina can benefit from a Yoni Egg practice. Much like clean eating, yoga and exercise-the process of Vaginal toning is a PRACTICE not a PROJECT. This means that ongoing awareness and exercise can serve women at every phase of our lives.


How to choose the right size egg to start with?


There are many different sized Kegel (Yoni) eggs to choose from. It is always recommended using the bigger size in the beginning, as you will feel it easily and be more likely to get the hang of how to hold it with your vaginal muscles. After some practice it's a good idea to work with a smaller egg. The smaller the egg, the more skills, and muscles it takes to work it. But you can always stick with one size egg your whole life if you want.






How To Use:

Clean and sanitize the eggs before and after every use (see number 5 below for cleaning instructions)


Start with the largest egg, then as your pelvic floor becomes stronger work your way down to the smallest egg.


1. Lay on your back then while taking deep breaths insert the widest and of the egg into your vagina, allowing the string to hang down for easy removal


2. Relax with your yoni egg for 1 to 2 minutes


3. Start contracting your pelvic floor muscles, by doing Kegel exercises (squeeze egg like you are trying hold your urine in). Hold for 10-30 seconds then release. Repeat the exercise 3 to 6 times.


*Never leave Kegel egg inserted for no more than an hour at a time


4. Pull the string gently and remove egg slowly.


5. Clean egg with lukewarm water and natural soap like our Foam Me Up wash before and after every use (Do not use hot water as it may damage the gemstone) . Leave eggs to soak for 5 minutes. Rinse thoroughly with water & allow to air dry then store.


*Our Kegel Eggs are drilled and pre-stringed, comes with a luxurious satin storage bag and detailed instructions


Contains 3 eggs


Small size: 30 mm  x 20 mm / 1.2'' x 0.8'' inches
Medium size: 40 mm x 25 mm / 1.5'' x 1'' inches 
Large size: 42 mm x 30 mm / 1.6'' x 1.2'' inches




  • Do not use if you have an IUD, as the kegel egg may dislodge your IUD (the string on the eggs could intertwine with the IUD string and cause it to dislodge)
  • Do not use If you are pregnant (unless you were doing kegel exercises before becoming pregnant)
  • If you recently had a baby, wait at least six weeks before using kegel eggs and check with your physician
  • Do not use if you had pelvic surgery in the last three months
  • Do not use if you have an infection or inflammation


Luxury Rose Quartz Kegel Eggs are all natural, therefore the color and patterns may vary slightly from the image above.


If you are in doubt about whether to use our Luxury Rose Quartz Kegel Eggs, please consult with your physician.

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Peter M. (Lithonia, US)

My wife and I love them, took a little bit for her to get used to, but she loves them.its made a huge difference in the bedroom!!!!