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Luxury Detox Pearls

Luxury Detox Pearls

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Are you wanting to eliminate menstrual cramps? Increase libido? Increase your chances of becoming pregnant? Cleanse from negative energy? Reduce the side effects of Endometriosis, fibroids and cyst?

Our Luxury Detox Pearls are vaginal suppositories made from 100% Natural Ingredients that are known to:




    • Three (3) Pearls individually wrapped (that is enough for one full cleanse)
    • 1 FREE disposable Pearl applicator *
    • Three FREE Panty liners

    *USE ONE PEARL APPLICATOR PER PEARL - additional applicators should be purchased separately- Click on photo below to purchase additional pearl applicators





      >>Recommended treatment is 2 packs if its your first time detoxing for best results.<< (DO NOT USE BOTH PACKS AT THE SAME TIME. FOLLOW THE INSTRUCTIONS PROVIDED AND USE ONE PACK DETOX)



      In case of chronic diseases, you need to repeat treatment  until desired results are met (Use no more than 2 packs of Luxury Detox Pearls per month)

      • If you are trying to conceive, detox before your cycle. Do not detox while ovulating

       We do not make any guarantees on curing any disease or ailments. Nor do we diagnose results from purge/detox. We do not and can not make an claim on curing anything




      1. Wash your hands thoroughly. Remove one pearl from the sealed package. Unravel the string & tie a knot close to pearls for easy removal


      2. Insert the pearl into the applicator and use it to push the pearl (7 cm) into your vagina or as far in as it will go. Make sure to leave the string hanging outside the vagina for easy removal. Wear a pantyliner


      3. Leave the pearl in your vagina for 24 hours



      4. After 24 hours remove the pearl, rinse vagina with warm water & immediately insert 2nd pearl, leave it in for 24 hours then take it out & insert 3rd pearl (your other option is to insert the 2nd & 3rd pearl together and leave them in for 24 to 48 hours (1-2 days)


      5. Remove pearl(s) and rinse vagina with warm water


      6. Wear a pantyliner and allow the vagina to discharge toxins for the next 3-9 days


      *Never leave the detox pearls inserted for more than 3 days*


      - It is very IMPORTANT that you drink at least half of your body weight in ounces of water every day during this detox. This will aide in the removal of the toxins, discharge from your womb and ease the side effects of itching, mild burning & dryness.


      If you are trying to conceive do not detox while ovulating


       A very small percentage of women may develop a yeast infection after using the pearls.  This may be because of a change in pH while using the pearls as well as excess yeast that is being purged during the detox. The excessive amount of yeast being purged may possible cause symptoms of a yeast infection. Many women have informed us that this can create an discomfort for only a small period of time and they have no further issues with yeast infections or bacterial vaginosis again


      If you experience a yeast infection after detoxing, we recommend using boric acid suppository to provide you with relief.

      If you are trying to conceive do not detox while ovulating


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        Customer Reviews

        Based on 196 reviews
        Tay (Chicago, US)

        I thought a had enough "stuff" come out on my cycle. I took the pearls out yesterday and the "stuff" that came out in the shower today was mind blowing.

        Cincerelylash (Norfolk, US)
        Love them!!!

        Use them after I stop bleeding and I don’t ever cramp. Love them!!!

        A.F. (Elyria, US)

        These pearls really really do work I only used one and and what just what came out what came out and that's just from 1 I will most definitely definitely will be buying some more. Don't mean to be gross but that's only for me using one pearl I didn't use 3 just 1 Omg

        CARRIE T. (Canoga Park, US)

        As always!

        Tiegst M. (Dallas, US)

        Luxury Detox Pearls

        Lashay S. (Rochester, US)
        Highly recommended!

        I received my yoni pearls on Dec 6th and inserted them right away following the directions step by step . On Dec 9th I had my first “shedding” stage & it was very little to nothing. On Dec 10 a lot more was beginning to shed, my menstrual cycle came on December 14th . Normal cycle wouldn’t say my cramps were lighter seemed very much the same as usual . I was tracked my period and it was said I would conceive around Dec 28 !!!! Still with very little hope after feeling like we’ve been trying for a little over a year now I didn’t have much hope this month . It’s now Jan and time for my period to arrive , I took a test 6 days earlier & THE DOUBLE LINE wasted no time showing up ! WE ARE PREGNANT ! 4 weeks 1 day to be exact . I just want to tell you if you want to conceive or even want a vaginal cleanse I HIGHLY RECOMMEND LUXURY YONI ! My first time every and I’m 29 , I have two daughters but struggle getting pregnant after my 2 daughter who is now 7 ! I can now say I HAVE A YONI BABY ON TH WAY !

        Shari M. (Westwego, US)

        I didn’t do much for me mall this did was take the lining of my vagina canal out. almost like a foot peel but for The vagina. But DID leave it softer and slightly wetter

        Katrina T. (Newark, US)

        I love it.🥰🥰

        Kimberly C. (Detroit, US)
        Pearl usage.

        Haven’t used them yet. Waiting on applicator to restock.

        Anonymous (Arlington, US)

        Thank you:)