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  • 3 Reasons Your Vagina Might Be Itching

    Some of the most common reasons for vaginal itching are going to be right in your home. One culprit is the detergents filled with chemicals we use to wash our underwear. The chemicals in these products can be extremely irritating Your vagina is just as sensitive if not more sensitive than your fa... View Post
  • 5 easy ways to maintain a Healthy pH

    Feminine self-care is an integral part of general well being. Vaginal health is a concern of every woman because having problems with your vagina affects your confidence and sexuality. The vagina has a pH that can be acidic, and this depends on how old a woman is.   The levels of good and bad bac... View Post
  • Top 5 Natural Ways to Get Rid of Bacterial Vaginosis

    Every woman has concerns about how she smells down there.” More often than not, these worries are unfounded. Vaginas have slight smells that vary according to the individual. Sometimes, this smell can get a bit foul. Most women describe this odor as fishy. When this happens, chances are Bacterial... View Post