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I love my yoni throne, the cape is comfortable and the product is amazing i use it 1× a week.


I love the way it cleanses your v fast and adds a cooling feeling while doing so! No irritation. It’s a Win Win situation right here! Great product

Satisfied 👌🏾

Started working immediately the day after sex . No discharge or smell. Thank you Luxury yoni for your support from your Returning customer !

I love it

I feel more fresh more clean i feel like a brand new women

Works Wonders

When I try it the first time I said to myself oh I gotta purchase me some more of this, it's make your V smell Fresh Fresh. If you haven't
purchase you none yet. I think u should try it, very Good Product

Works great

I love the fact that I can steam at home and the throne works well for indoor use!

Great experience

I was scared at first to put these up there but after the first day it was easy and I was comfortable. The first day I was like to I need to take out every time I pee but the. I read somewhere you have to leave in or discard them if you take out. Anyway it was an experience would I do it again most definitely. I felt actually cleaner and lighter once the whole process was over. After about a day and half passed that is when my vagina started detoxing or discharging the out the stuff. I was like this is actually happening I loved it to me that felt like releasing bad stuff out of my body and mind. It felt like a cleanse a release

Love it everything is amazing 🤩

I ordered almost everything... after trying the pearls. I will be ordering in the future as well

One of my favs

Whenever I feel different down there, or just need to refresh, I do this steam. I always feel rejuvenated and refreshed after. It also enhances my sexual experience.


Don't be like me and think too hard on whether or not to buy the throne. I truly enjoyed my "me time". I honestly think I noticed a difference after my first use. This new journey is gonna be great. Next up the grip stick!!!

Take the leap of faith and detox your yoni!

I'm glad I decided to detox my vagina. Since the detox, my lady parts seem different but in a GOOD way--LOL!!! I have not had any vaginal itching. My vagina area feels lighter. My pelvic area lymph nodes don't seem at all swollen like the days leading up to my period. I'm eager for my period to arrive so I can see if the yoni pearls will make a difference in my menstrual flow. Around day 5/6 of the detox, a huge mass expelled/purged from my body. What you see in the picture is only half of what my body released. I was thrilled with excitement that the detoxed worked. The only discomfort I experienced was very mild cramping the night before the purge.

Route package

I love the routine package protection because you can actually see your product moving in real time

The Best Investment

I been using the Feminine Foam Wash and Elixir Oil for the longest. But, adding the Diva Stream and Probotics as help me build even more confidence. I will be buying more in the near future.

So convenient!!

I love being able to do the V-steam in the comfort of my own home! Thank you

I love it, I always order your products especially the foam me up wash and oils. My V is always happy after a refreshing

Rose luxe elixir

That was my second bottle of Rose luxe elixir and I love it and so does my husband. I will Purchase it again.

All natural pH

I love the way it smells and it makes the Kitty so fresh

Believe the hype

1st time trying this bar and I love it! Scent is amazing

Luxury Relief Tea

I have fibroids so my cycle can be very uncomfortable. Drinking this tea during my cycle really helps to relieve the cramping and the heaviness that I feel in my lower abdomen due to my fibroids. The fabulous taste makes it so much easier and enjoyable to drink!

I love everything I have purchased. Shipoing details were perfect.

Yoni Pearls - The Best Thing I’ve Decided To Purchase

I’m so happy that I’ve decided to purchase these Yoni pearls. I found out I had cervical cancer (I would advise anyone to consult your doctor first) about a year ago. I was told I needed to take medicine to shrink the tumor. I decided against the medicine. I have been using the yoni pearls as well as Diva Steams and my tumor has been shrinking. My doctors ask me what have I been doing and I told her. She told me to keep up with what I am doing and it’s working for me. I am definitely a fan of these products and I will continue to make my purchases.

Don't hesitate this detox is the truth!!!!

Yooooooooo this was the truth! I hesitated for so long, reading reviews looking at pics. I ordered a few months ago and was waiting for the right time. I finally used them. I used one pearl for 24 hours to see how I would react. I was fine so after the 24 hours I took it out and inserted my 2nd pearl for another 24 hours. I felt no discomfort at all. Day 3 with my 3rd pearl I applied it only for roughly 4-5 hours. I was experiencing some discomfort at this point and decided to remove it. Within 48 hours I purged. I was in disbelief. I stared at it for a good 10 minutes. I'm definitely glad I finally decided to detox. I will be purchasing again to use in the future. I highly recommend this product.

Absolutely amazing

These yoni pearls are amazing. I kept seeing them all over so I decided to buy some months ago and I finally got the courage to use them. I used one and waited just to see how I would react to it then the following month I used the other two. I purged twice after the last two on the 6th day which was little and 7th day which was a big one. I really liked that I could feel the purge coming out and ran to the bathroom to see it lol (don’t judge me). Recommended to all my girls and will be doing this detox every couple months.


It was nice, love the new bottle but I prefer the old formula


Okay I just want to start my saying AMAZING. I just had a baby 6months ago and I’ve been wanting to find natural ways to cleanse and detox my lady parts. At first was a bit skeptical and nervous about trying it because honestly I didn’t know what was going to come out and the few pictures I did see freaked me out. But HONEY when I tell you this was the best thing I’ve decided to do on my self care journey. One thing I did notice right away was the tightness and smell of my hoohaa (in a positive way). I also have lighter periods. Idk if it was something in the air or the pearl but after detoxing I had a more clear mind. A fresh start like new hoohaa who this.