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Rub Me Down - Bar Soap
Mieisha J. (Miami, US)
Works Great!

I’ve ordered this items many times and it’s amazing!! The only downside is that is goes way too fast. If only y’all can create this in a shower gel.

Luxury Grip Stick
A. L. (Bessemer, US)
Love it!!!

The best item ever made for women!!!

The Royal Throne - Luxe In-Home V Steam Spa
Celeste H. (Sicklerville, US)
Yoni steam

Easy to use. My 12 year old daughter and I are enjoying our Yoni steam seats.

great for razor bump relief

used after shaving the down there area, it almost completely deterred the irritation/bumps/soreness that I always have religiously the next morning. Good stuff, going to see how it works with my calves now as I have very sensitive legs also

One of the best things to purchase in life..

Felt amazing!!!!

I love the fact that I am doing it in the comfort of my home and it feels so good.

It's the HERBS for me

I just love the DIVA STEAM herbs great quality

B.Y.E. - Boric Acid Suppositories
Leslie T. (Morganton, US)
Leslie from North Carolina

This product is great, it’s different from the others I’ve use. It’s a most have I will be ordering again soon. Thanks

Awesome products

I love everything about these products


Leaves you feeling extra clean! I love it

Love it

Love this product, I’ll definitely order again

Mint To Be Elixir Oil
Shanae L. (Jacksonville, US)
I really like

Love this product, I’ll definitely order again

Seat Cushion for Royal Throne
Brandi C. (Kansas City, US)

Not difference from the one that came with it

Lavender Foam Me Up Feminine Wash
Lois G. (Brooklyn, US)
Comfortable Feel

I have sensitive skin and the slightest thing gives me a yeast infection, yet the foam cleanser has been a blessing! It keeps me fresh and cleans without drying! Just about to put in my second order - KUDOS!!!

pH-resh Duo
t (Greenville, US)

defitnetly need to reup has my kitty feeling new n always fresh

The Best Yoni Seat I Had

I just love it so refreshing....

Route Package Protection
Oprah R. (The Bronx, US)

I absolutely love this company ! I get most of my Yoni products for here and I know my order is SAFE with route protection !

I love how it works for me


Luxury Detox Pearls
Nejahlee W. (West Palm Beach, US)

I use this pearl twice, the first time I only use one pearl had sex couple days later and bomb I was pregnant. I recently bought it and just finish using it and a day later I have huge clump coming out of me and it’s amazing to see what comes out, and knowing that was in your body. I just wish I drank more water I think it would have done more for my little lady. After being detox I feel extremely horny but I’m waiting until it’s done letting everything come out of me… these pearls are amazing

Rub Me Down - Bar Soap
Amirreya (Detroit, US)
It’s awesome!!!

I feel good n fresh , buy it

Route Package Protection
Margaret M. (Philadelphia, US)
Love the product

I'm loving the freshness my body feels with this product

Luxury Diva Steam (V Steam Herbs)
Bernice C. (Addison, US)
Must have

Works wonders love this product! Second time buying!

Date Night Trio
Bernice C. (Addison, US)
Date night review

I love this combo it’s def a must have! I’ve had great success with all these products and every woman should have these products as a part of their daily routine!


Super quick delivery, discreet packaging and I LOVE the product. I got the rose yoni oil. Feels and smells so fresh and natural. Will definitely recommend and be purchasing again!!

Mint To Be Elixir Oil
Monica D. (Coppell, US)
Loooove the smell

Honestly, I think the mint to be is better than the rose because it helped with my yeast infection after the detox pearls and it smells so good. Will be a staple!