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Luxury Detox Pearls
Lashay S. (Rochester, US)
Highly recommended!

I received my yoni pearls on Dec 6th and inserted them right away following the directions step by step . On Dec 9th I had my first “shedding” stage & it was very little to nothing. On Dec 10 a lot more was beginning to shed, my menstrual cycle came on December 14th . Normal cycle wouldn’t say my cramps were lighter seemed very much the same as usual . I was tracked my period and it was said I would conceive around Dec 28 !!!! Still with very little hope after feeling like we’ve been trying for a little over a year now I didn’t have much hope this month . It’s now Jan and time for my period to arrive , I took a test 6 days earlier & THE DOUBLE LINE wasted no time showing up ! WE ARE PREGNANT ! 4 weeks 1 day to be exact . I just want to tell you if you want to conceive or even want a vaginal cleanse I HIGHLY RECOMMEND LUXURY YONI ! My first time every and I’m 29 , I have two daughters but struggle getting pregnant after my 2 daughter who is now 7 ! I can now say I HAVE A YONI BABY ON TH WAY !


Listen to me words can't explain how the yoni pearls make me feel best few bucks I've ever spent I'm talking about I'm tight tight the second night of me inserting the pearl I felt lit just that how tight I was down there but sweetie the pearls gets the job done honey! Gigi is wet and tight babe can't keep his hands off me trust! y'all go order the first day of the pearl you will feel results you won't regret it periooddd!

Luxury Diva Self Love Soy Candles
Lucretia J. (Cuyahoga Falls, US)

I love my products that I ordered I will be placing another order soon on the self love candle and the BYE yest Eliminattor

Route Package Protection
Yolanda D. (The Bronx, US)

Route Package Protection

Please get herbs diva ASAP

I would love to have herbs to use with New machine you guys have not had no herbs Hope herbs will be available release so so I can use my new machine I was speaking on diva herbs please get them in let me know then I can give a proper review thanks

Luxury Detox Pearls
Shari M. (Westwego, US)

I didn’t do much for me mall this did was take the lining of my vagina canal out. almost like a foot peel but for The vagina. But DID leave it softer and slightly wetter

Luxury Detox Pearls
Katrina T. (Newark, US)

I love it.🥰🥰

Great! 👍

Love the earthly smell of the herbs. Definitely recommend! 👍

Great!! 👍

Meant to give it 5 STARS on my previous reviews! 🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩

Luxury Diva Steam (V Steam Herbs)
Shelly T. (Washington, US)

5 stars

Luxury Diva Steam (V Steam Herbs)
Christina B. (Clearwater, US)

Luxury Diva Steam (V Steam Herbs)

B.Y.E. - Boric Acid Suppositories
i.p. (Mays Landing, US)

started working since DAY 1!!! i’ve struugled with BV since 2018 & i finally found a cure! thank you so much for making this product & helping out ladies like me!!!


Shipping was fast, the price was worth it. It works quick on level 5 but then once it’s ready for steaming I put it down to level 4. I love it because it doesn’t take up too much space. I hate the basins they don’t stay warm for a long time and I hate the whole process of it. This one is quick, easy and satisfying. The after care part is easy. I do not regret this purchase.


THIS product right here!!!!!!! Where has this been all my life!!?? From the tingling sensation and feeling you feel once you wash with this on your cookie is PHENOMENAL!!! It did NOT disappoint! This foam will leave u feeling Clean, fresh, and Not itchy or aggravated. I will be purchasing more. VERY good Luxury Yoni....Very Good!!!!

Rose Lux Elixir Oil
Charity C. (Hiram, US)
Very nice

I love this procduct

Luxury Detox Pearls
Kimberly C. (Detroit, US)
Pearl usage.

Haven’t used them yet. Waiting on applicator to restock.

Luxury Detox Pearls
Anonymous (Arlington, US)

Thank you:)

Mint To Be Elixir Oil
Jada H. (Boonville, US)
2nd bottle

I love this stuff

Luxury Diva Steam (V Steam Herbs)
Patricia (Denver, US)
I Love It

Must have!!! My second time purchasing the Diva Steam and it really help make a difference with my cramps and fibroids

Luxury Grip Stick
Katherine H. (La Grange, US)
Best Product Ever!!!

I love using Luxury Grip Stick, it has spiced up my sex life. Thank you so much Ladies.

Very good


I really love this product, and how gentle it is on my skin. I am very sensitive; so I always have to be careful of products. I Love the smell and it's benefits. Thank you for making natural safe and products.

Just wow!!!

This was my first v-steam and it won’t be my last. This felt amazing, I felt so refreshed and cleansed, this was very relaxing for me. I will be trying more products !

Foam me up

I love this product I have a hard time using different soaps and things. This doesn’t cause me any discomfort or anything.

Rub Me Down - Bar Soap
Karen H. (Baltimore, US)

I love this soap. Smells yummy, leathers great and makes you feel wonderful. I just WISH it lasted longer.