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Luxury Detox Pearls
Tay (Chicago, US)

I thought a had enough "stuff" come out on my cycle. I took the pearls out yesterday and the "stuff" that came out in the shower today was mind blowing.

I never received my order

I never received my order. It was delivered to wrong address. Held at post office. Returned to you. Can you please send my package or refund my money?

Luxury Diva Steam Herbs
Katherine J. (Jackson, US)

Light cramping, fresh smell, husband in love 💕

Long Lasting & Refreshing

I love the lather and the clean feeling that Foam Me Up provides. I was also very surprised as how long it lasts. One bottle lasts me a few months and I use it twice a day and sometimes more. I can't attest to how it is affecting my pH balance but I will continue to use it.

pHresh Probiotics
y.p. (New York, US)
i love it

i love this phresh pills i will order more very soon

Luxury Detox Pearls
Samantha U. (Norfolk, US)
Love them!!!

Use them after I stop bleeding and I don’t ever cramp. Love them!!!

Rose Lux Elixir Oil
Andy b. (Louisville, US)

Rose Lux Elixir Oil

pHresh Probiotics
Samantha U.

Within a day or two I notice a difference. Will definitely be getting more.

Sugar Me Sweet - Exfoliate & Moisturize Scrub
jenniferadamson391 (Charlotte, US)
Sugar Me Sweet Exfoliating & Moisturizer Scrub

I love it, makes your skin feel smooth, makes it glow, a little goes a long way..Used it on my husband and he loves it too.Good purchase

Luxury Grip Stick
Andy b. (Atlanta, US)

Great product!!!

Rub Me Down - Bar Soap
Darcy D. (Rathdrum, US)
Smells soooo good

Love this soap. It smells so good and keeps your ph balanced so you stay fresh.

B.Y.E. Suppositories & Applicator Combo
Anonymous (Charlotte, US)
B.Y.E. Capsules

Works wonders. Started working the 2nd day ! I will be ordering again i was a little nervous at first but i did it noticed a change after using the first one so I continued to use it a second day symptoms were completely gone thank you so much

Luxury Diva Steam Herbs
Ramona J. (Belleville, US)

I love my steam set!

Great products

Foam Me Up

I don’t like the burning cooling feeling it leaves for a while.

Rose Lux Elixir Oil
Patrice W. (Roxbury, US)
Love it

I always order product, I love it

Luxury Grip Stick
Tomeka K. (Colorado Springs, US)
Great product!

Great product!

V-Glow Bundle
Micah B. (New Orleans, US)

V-Glow Bundle


Just got my steam kit and can't wait to use it!!

Luxury Detox Pearls
A.F. (Elyria, US)

These pearls really really do work I only used one and and what just what came out what came out and that's just from 1 I will most definitely definitely will be buying some more. Don't mean to be gross but that's only for me using one pearl I didn't use 3 just 1 Omg

pH-resh Duo
Ashley D. (Chicago, US)


Luxury Grip Stick
Anonymous (Covington, US)
Magic Stick!

This contraption needs to be called the MAGIC stick because thats exactly what it is! Lol it does wonders & my partner LOVED it. He kept mentioning how tight I was all night.

I decided to use it a few times on my own before being intimate just to see how it worked & I’m glad I did. Although it made me extremely tight, it also left a bunch of white residue & made me VERY dry. But after two uses both of those symptoms disappeared & it worked just as described!

Quality product

I was upset when honey pot sold out to big business and added toxic ingredients. I was looking for an alternative and luxury yoni has everything honey pot had and more. All natural derived from plants 10 out of 10 recommend

Route Package Protection
Y (Charlotte, US)

This is the first time i ordered from them & did not receive my order im not sure what happened but Ik it’s not Luxury yoni’s fault but i did receive a refund so I will be ordering again

Luxury Diva Steam Herbs
Mieka S. (Madison, US)

I’m definitely a repeat customer thank you