Luxury Yoni is the leading - edge feminine care & wellness company. 


Suffering from menstrual cramps caused by fibroids and uterine polyps, our CEO, Fe was one of the countless women that experienced similar issues daily. After years of pain and discomfort, she went in search of an alternative to drugs or medicine. That’s when she was introduced to V Steaming, a traditional method used by her grandmother from her hometown of Kingston, Jamaica.

She started formulating her own blend of herbs until she created the perfect formula to help solve her own feminine issues. Soon, Luxury Yoni was born with a mission to give women what they truly deserve: LUXURIOUS NATURAL FEMININE PRODUCTS THAT ACTUALLY WORK!


We believe that feminine hygiene and wellness are a luxury that all women should experience in the comfort of their home. Our brand exists to bring this sense of luxury and empower everyday women like ourselves with premium, luxurious, feminine care & wellness solutions inspired by the beneficial properties of natural herbs.  

Our products are carefully formulated with the best natural ingredients to help heal, protect and take care of your lady parts. We are honored that women around the world choose us for their feminine care needs.





We're obsessively passionate about yoni wellness,. At Luxury Yoni, our mission is to redefine the intimate care industry so that every woman around the world will have access to luxurious & natural feminine care and wellness products that work, so that she can have what she needs to truly love and nourish herself.​ 






As a brand created for women by a woman, we set sky-high standards for the intimate area by offering a more natural and healthy approach and formulating products that can protect, heal, and nourish your lady parts.Following the path carved by our CEO at Luxury Yoni, our goal is to provide an experience that  encourages self-love and self-confidence through self care. Women will feel like the Royalty they are after using our products.

Luxurious Feminine Care Products With Confident, Modern Women In Mind!


Everyday Luxury You Deserve.